First Blog First Fishing Report! Perdido Key Florida Fishing Charters

Hi everyone and thanks for tuning in to our very first entry in our blog! We Are excited about the new website and very excited to bring you up to date information from all through Florida! This week we had a great Conversation with Captain Bryant Fields of All Caught Up Fishing Charters. “Perdido Key Fishing Charters are just about as good as it gets! The Inshore fishing charters have been great this winter with lots of black drum, red drum, and sheepshead. We are using shrimp and cut bait to get these fish and it is a blast on light tackle.” These were Captain Bryant’s exact words”

The Deep sea fishing charters in Perdido have been great as well! We are seeing a lot of red snapper, amberjack, and vermilion snapper.These fish are hard fighting and great eating! It’s is always a fun experience to get out there and have the opportunity to catch something crazy while your out there. Captain Bryant suggest fishing a live bait down deep for a chance at a grouper and or amberjack! The Vermilion Snapper are being caught on squid fished near the bottom. All these fish are great eating as well! We can blackened, fired, or grill these fish and have a great dinner for the family. Over in Perdido we have some great restaurants that will cook it up for you as well. Be sure to stop at one of them and have your fish fried up!

The future forecast of fishing has a lot of great things coming its way in Perdido Key! We are suspecting a great Spring run of Sheepshead as well as a continuing run of redfish and black drum. For offshore we are hoping to see a lot of snapper, grouper, and triggerfish, as well as amberjack. We couldn’t be more excited about our 2019 year as Florida Fishing Weekly. It is definitely going to be a ton of information as well as a lot of trophy catches! We are hoping to see a lot of great fishing charter reports from Perdido Key Florida as well as the rest of the state of Florida. It is definitely fun going out on the water spending a day relaxing and putting a line in the water. On a Perdido Key Fishing Charter you never know what you are going to catch! We are hoping to catch a lot of Red Snapper this year as well. We catch a lot of big fish in the Gulf Of Mexico just miles away from The Perdido Key Beach!

This summer we are looking forward to a lot of shark fishing too. These big creatures are a ton of fun and always an awesome sight to see in the water! We use whole bonita as well as any other large fish to catch sharks out of Perdido Key!

Well this concludes our very first blog and hope to have many more this year as well as years to come. We wanna thank Captain Bryant Fields of All Caught Up Fishing Charters in Perdido Key Florida. Y’all make sure to check out his website and give him a shout when you are around that way!

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