Fishing Report for Florida in March

March is what most Floridians consider a transition month when it comes to fishing. We see a lot of fish and bait fish starting to move with the water temperature warming up. Cobia are a big town favorite. Cobia are a large migrating fish that love a 70 degree water temperature. We also see a lot f permit and pompano starting to move this time of year. these fish are great eating an really fun fight! They feed on crustations mostly like shrimp, crab, and sand fleas. Another fish that starts cruising down the beach are the Spanish mackerel. These fish are usually in large schools and attack anything that comes close that resembles a small bait fish. King mackerel also cruise the beach. These fish like a larger bait like a blue runner or mullet. Snook and tarpon also roam the beaches and will start making their migration in the coming months. We appreciate the support for the blog like you wouldn’t believe! It is awesome to see the positive feedback we have got already!

Thanks and we hope to see you on the next one!